About The Mason Boutique

I am so happy you are a part of our tribe. A tribe that whole-heartedly believes that we are better together & here to hold each other up, & love one another. 

I truly love you all and am so thankful to be on this adventure with you! 

I’ve always had a true love for people. Getting to know people, making someone smile, & serving others were ways I would connect with people throughout my life. A desire for relationships is what led me to my first career- teaching. I was that girl who said I would never be a teacher. Turns out, teaching was a pure joy for me. I loved being a part of those little learners’ lives, rooting for them, laughing with them, & hoping to inspire something inside them. In the fall of 2016, tragedy stuck our family. We had felt a loss that was devastating & life altering. At that moment, we knew we needed to be surrounded by family. We wanted the life where our kids could see their Lou (my momma) every day. We wanted to soak in every single ounce of our time on this earth with the ones we loved. That led us back home. We left the city & moved to the Texas Hill Country. We have never felt more at home. We have found our place. I felt a stirring inside me, telling me I was ready for something else, something different, & something challenging. My momma is the one who said one day, “Why don’t you open a boutique”? I immediately thought, what, no way, I can’t do that! A few days later, the dreams began forming. It was all I could think about. I knew that my store could be a place where I could love & serve people, just like I’d always loved doing. I would have a store like the ones I love to shop in. A store where you feel welcome & seen. For me, just like in teaching, it is all about the people I am serving. When I began brainstorming names for the store, my love for Mason Jars was front & center. I’ve always loved them. I love how they are vintage, yet trendy. I remember my grandmother, Poppy, decorating with blue glass- which reminds me of the vintage Mason jar. She’s the reason there are poppies in the store logo. I know she would be so proud of me & of The Mason Boutique. She worked in retail for many years, and always had a servant’s heart. The Mason Boutique is my true happy place. It is where I can be creative, inspired, & serve others as I love to do. I truly pray that everyone The Mason Boutique reaches is touched, inspired, uplifted, or encouraged. I thank you all from the depths of my soul for being a part of this wild, beautiful dream that’s coming to life.